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NC information

A1 use and interpret algebraic manipulation, including:

  • ab in place of a × b
  • 3y in place of y+y+y and 3×y
  • a2 in place of a×a, a3 in place of a×a×a, a2b in place of a×a×b
  • a/b in place of a÷b
  • coefficients written as fractions rather than as decimals
  • brackets

A4 simplify and manipulate algebraic expressions (including those involving surds and algebraic fractions) by:

  • collecting like terms
  • multiplying a single term over a bracket
  • taking out common factors
  • expanding products of two or more binomials
  • factorising quadratic expressions of the form x2 + bx + c, including the difference of two squares;
  • factorising quadratic expressions of the form ax2 +bx+c
  • simplifying expressions involving sums, products and powers, including the laws of indices

A3 understand and use the concepts and vocabulary of expressions, equations, formulae, identities, inequalities, terms and factors

A5 understand and use standard mathematical formulae; rearrange formulae to change the subject

The rearrangement of formulae where the intended subject appears twice (and so needs to be taken out as a common factor) will be tested on Higher tier only.

A6 know the difference between an equation and an identity; argue mathematically to show algebraic expressions are equivalent, and use algebra to support and construct arguments and proofs