Learning Resources

Currently needs calculator topics are not loaded - we haven't reinstated the facility to set and assess these questions differently (whilst keeping rest of questions NC)

By March 2024 a huge number of layers, 24% more, will be added. - The work of adding the learning for resources for these has already begun.


abbreviations used in topic names

entry level

d.p. = decimal place

FDPR = fraction, decimal, percentage, ratio

MMMRQ = mean, median, mode, range, quartiles

SIGfig = significant figures

NC = no calculator questions

YC = calculator encouraged

easier start
harder start
harder still
scientific calculator
not published

Types of resources

There are 3 types of learning resource specific to each layer (deliberately small "bite") of learning on a topic

  • teach-learn - example questions for the teacher to use to teach 
  • practise-learn -  a worksheet of practice questions (with fold over / cut off /separate answers) for the learner to practise what they have just learned
  • timely practice - is only available via the timely practice app. The app sophisticatedly and responsively schedules practice questions to increase the recall-ability of learning by the learner.

There are 2 types of planning resources putting each topic in context for the teacher

  • topic sample: which shows a typical question for each layer within the topic (found below the heading on each topic page)
  • topic theme overview: which gives a brief description of every layer with the topic theme (found by clicking the topic theme heading in the blue bar above)