Explaining and Training


The problem

The outcomes


The solution

A very effective way to raise attainment, especially for low attaining learners is to significantly increase the proportion of in lesson learning which can be recalled rather than allow the learning of the lesson to be forgotten. There are two threads to improving memory:

  1. Increase the duration of Long-Term-Memory recall

2. Effectively increase Working-Memory capacity

To do Smaller-Working-Memory-Friendly teaching - without increasing teacher workload, we need a tool. timely practice was created to be this tool.

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For more detailed information teachers may wish to read more or to give timely practice a trial.

Teacher training will be done by timely practice - using the following topics:

Teachers may rest assured that they may read ahead secure in the knowledge, that

  • they will only receive training on what they don’t know,

  • they won’t need to waste their time being taught skills and knowledge that they already have,

as they will

  • use timely practice and this customer knowledge base to fill their learning gaps and

  • experience the power of timely practice to learn efficiently.