What teachers say about timely practice

on increasing attainment

When you have a class and you know they have big gaps, but you don’t know where they are; until you’ve done a programme of pre-assessing … it gives you peace of mind, if you teach something new it won’t fall into that gap, where the previous learning from other teachers has gone, it won’t fall into that gap for me because I’m going to use the repetitive practice element of timely practice JP

This class from when I took them on, were the least able to the nurture classes, that I’ve ever taught, their targets based on their KS2 results are much lower, but they are over performing other classes with higher targets based on their KS2 results. JP

The year 7 nurture class all achieved above 75% and they were all really proud of their maths results. … They did seem extremely positive after an assessment … which I don’t think I’ve may be seen at KS3 level before, in a nurture class. KB

on improving teaching skills, especially feedback

Its been a really a good thing to work with … I think my personal development working with it I’ve learned so much … in terms of pacing, in terms of what should be delivered to these kids  … to give them the best outcomes. TW

Giving feedback teaches you so much. I almost want to spend some time sitting down over the holidays, thinking about everything I’ve learned and everything I want to do differently next year … it has taught me so much about being a teacher … and the way that I need to be teaching things. TW

on teaching smaller bites of learning on firm learning foundations

on practise-learn worksheets and workload

on sharing and hand over of classes

on learners' perceptions of themselves as learners and their learning progress