Get a timely practice account

You can't use timely practice without an account, so here's how to get one

Step-by-step guide

  1. Contact us by emailing
  2. Ask for an account ... its free for the academic year 2018-19 provided you are able to give us comparative data ...
  3. ... so have a think what pre and post test data you will be able to give us so we can compare students using timely practice with students that don't
    • it could be comparing comparable sets in 2 different halves of the year (one using using timely practice the other half having business as usual teaching)
    • it could be comparing students in e.g. year 9 with the previous year 9 (providing the same pre and post test is used)
    • it could be comparing the progress of the same class (with half the units taught using timely practice the other half taught with business as usual teaching)
  4. We will need a school/other institution email address for each teacher
  5. If you are one of the first teachers to be using V1.0 (from September 2018) we may want to arrange a time to visit the school and see how timely practice is going (its not an observation of the teacher, more an assessment on how effective this customer knowledge base and our training is)
  6. We may well want to contact you (to give advice on using timely practice more effectively, or to arrange a visit to see how timely practice is going) so please be prepared for this.
  7. NB If we can't have a dialogue with you then we are pretty sure that timely practice won't be working as effectively as it could be, so our comparative data won't be good, so we won't think you are up holding your end of the "free trial" so ... please don't sign up unless you can 

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