This whole class topic needs equipment and often lots of spare copies of the worksheets.


  • photocopying on to card - might help
  • a small screwdriver to tighten the compasses - can be a good idea
  • having small bits of card and sellotaping them at the back of the paper, where the compass point has made a "too large hole" can rescue students from "starting again"
sample Q from each layerteach-learn questions

new skill to draw:

semicircles to size

(but no need to measure)

2 equal semi circles and

  • perpendicular bisector
  • angle bisector

perpendicular bisector

no scaffold

angle bisector

no scaffold

rationaleEasier than whole circles

practise-learn worksheets

print hints

print s/s 

suggestion: Q1: 3n



Q4 n/2

where n is number in class

print s/s 1pp


  • plain/coloured paper
  • scientific calculator
  • ruler
  • angle measurer

equipment hints

pair of compasses fitted with

short, sharp pencil

pair of compasses fitted with

short, sharp pencil

ruler + additional pencil

NC information