Finding and firming learning foundations


Finding and firming learning foundations is what we call the process of pre assess and the first time of teaching of each topic using timely practice. 

When the teacher returns to teach the topic a second time we call this teaching on firm learning foundations.


It takes time to build up an accurate picture of each learners depth of learning on each "bite" (layer) of each topic, so while the teacher is building up information, the teacher should continue to teach the learners. This is what the finding and forming learning foundations is.

Initially we find that

  • learners may have layers which they "know already" - these will be "fast tracked" by the app so the learner answers very few questions on these layers. What the learners already "know" is helpful to the teacher when planning what to teach to the class on a topic
  • learners may have a few layers within each topic that they "know a bit" - they have some knowledge, they remember some vocabulary, but they would not always be able to "answer an exam question and get full marks". The pre assess of the topic, the subsequent timely practice assignments and the first teaching of the topic all aim to 
    • either increase the learners independence and accuracy to mastery for layers which they know "quite a bit of" (i.e. ensure the learner would get full marks in an exam)
    • or decide that some layers are "best learned later" i.e. it is better use of teacher and learner lesson time to teach this work later.
  • for some topics we may find that the learner doesn't have any layers they "know a bit" (the learner has either layers they "know already" and/or layers they don't know) -  the task is simpler, teach the next layer within the topic (providing the learner has the appropriate pre-requisite skills).

Once all the topics that the learner can learn at the moment, have been pre assessed and taught, the finding and firming learning foundations process is finished. The next time the teacher teaches the topics 

How long does the finding and firming learning foundations phase last?

The finding and firming learning foundations phase can last between a few weeks (very low attaining learners) and a little over a term (higher attaining learners).