auto pre assess


It takes time to build up an accurate picture of each learners learning on each "bite" (layer) of each topic.

The auto pre assess function, takes the scheme of learning (SOL) entered by the teacher and works behind the scenes pre assessing each topic.

We use a trial and improvement process, to quickly find learners' learning strengths and gaps in each topic.

  1. Round 1 We ask one question on a few key layers from each topic - if the learner doesn't get the first question correct on the layer, they are not asked a second one from the layer, as we are looking for firm learning foundations.

  2. Round 2 We then decide which other layers to ask a question from - based on which key layers the learner could answer correctly - again we'll ask a second question only if the first question was answered correctly.

We do all we can to ensure the data we collect is accurate

  • Each learner is randomly assigned their first pre assess question - so the chance the learner can copy one of their peers is dramatically reduced;

  • We ask at least 2 questions from a layer before we decide the learner has probably mastered the questions in that layer - so the chance of a lucky question distorting our assessment is reduced.

When the teacher looks at the Progress in Topic from plan teach and no longer sees grey blue boxes, then the topic is fully pre assessed.