What a topic is and how it is represented and used within the app  - see Learning Resources for a list of all of the topics.

What is a topic?

A topic is a maths topic such as expand

A topic is made up of a number of "small bites" of learning called layers.

The layers within the topic are numbered, with 1 being the easiest. 

Some topics have only a few layers and others more e.g. ingredients currently has 3 layers and more index has 14 layers.

The skills/knowledge/methods from layer 1 are sometimes required for layer 2 and sometimes the skills/knowledge/methods for layer 1 is unconnected but easier than those for layer 2 e.g. in the topic calculator skills layer 1 is easier than layer 2 and layer 2 is easier than layer 3 however the skills and knowledge from layer 1, 2 and 3 are required to learn layer 4.

The layer number gives an indication of the level within a topic but not between topics e.g. add layer 4 is easier than ratio layer 1 

example of add layer 4 questionexample of a ratio layer 1 question

Karolina has 62 stickers stuck on her wall.

She gets given 24 stickers and sticks them on a wall.

How many stickers does Karolina have stuck on the wall now.

Faith and Katy share £35 in the ratio 3 : 2

Work out how much each person gets.

Sometimes we use the code calculator skills (2) to refer to calculator skills layer 2.

Finding out about topics and layers outside the timely practice app

The list of topics is found in Learning Resources and by clicking on any topic name you can find out about what is in each layer. The overview has a description for the teacher to use in planning and the sample has examples to use in teaching The practise-learn worksheets for each layer can be used for students to practise what they have learned.

Finding out about topics and layers within the timely practice app

The topics available are shown on each class' home page only the topics above the blue line are available within the Progress on Topic ...

... a description of each layer is found within the Progress on Topic

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