download pdf assignments later

If you want to download and print out all the assignments for your class later 


Step-by-step guide

You will need to return to the correct set of assignments 

  1. Go to the class home page
  2. Click on the Download Assignments button
  3. Click on the date for the assignment 
  4. App will send you to the Home /Classes / Class name / Download Assignments / date and type page
  5. Click on 
    • either the Download All Assignments button
    • or the pdf button to the right of the learner's name
  6. The pdf assignments will go to your downloads folder

Orange No TiP button

N. B. Sometimes there are no layers due, so no assignment is created

  • it doesn't matter as it means all the layers that needed to be reviewed have already been reviewed
  • instead of a blue pdf button an orange No TiP button will be shown

Our worst oops

Our worst oops

Sometimes the Download assignments page reverts to a previously shown assignment - this is very annoying - for now the solution is to refresh the browser page.