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This is the place to find a little more detail about aspects of the app.

About everything (briefly) may be a good first read.

Using timely practice effectively is an overview of the 3 changes in behaviour by teachers required: 

  1. pre assess and use this assessment for learning data to plan teaching,
  2. use timely practice to efficiently do retrieval practice
  3. follow a more tightly spiralled curriculum.

Finding and firming learning foundations is the process of pre assess and the first time of teaching of each topic using timely practice.

When the teacher returns to teach the topic a second time we call this teaching on firm learning foundations.

topic theme is a group of topics e.g. algebra.

Each topic, such as ratio, is divided into layers which are numbered by difficulty (1 being the easiest). 

The Progress on Topic shows how deeply learning is embedded for each learner on each layer within a topic - it is the "go to page" for teacher planning, whereas

the learner Progress Page shows how deeply learning is embedded for every layer within every topic for just one learner

The timely practice assignment is the vehicle used by the app and the teacher to help the learner embed their learning.

The timely practice cycle describes how the app maintains and strengthens the learner learning using the increasing interval retrieval practice or spaced repetition system (SRS) an accurate method for retrieval practice or spaced learning