add students from a spreadsheet

When setting up a class for the first time (see set up a new class first)

for a video see set up a new class

Step-by-step guide

  1. Page is Home / Classes / classname / Add Students

    •  your spreadsheet must have the first name and family name in 2 separate columns
    •  you may have a third column for the student's "known as" name
    •  student's will be called by their "known as" name if they have one or else their first name 

  2. Copy the 2 or 3 columns from your spreadsheet and paste in the white box, below the heading Paste students
  3. You will have a chance to check the students names later (see step 5b)

  4. Click on the Load New Students button
  5. Check the headings match up. Here the headings don't match up...

    1. Move the Known As, First Name and Family Name headings to the correct places
    2. Check the names again
  6. Click the Confirm Add button
  7. App sends you to the Home / Classes / classname page 
  8. You can check students are added correctly