set up a new class


Step-by-step guide

Steps to follow

  1. Start on the homepage breadcrumb is Home
  2. If you have just started your home page will look like this 

    If you have existing classes your home page will look like this 

  1. Click on 
  2. You will be sent to a page with the breadcrumb Home / Classes
  3. In the box at the bottom

    •  write the name of the class e.g. Myfirstclass or 9.1 or 10BLG etc in the  Class Name box
    •   Mathematics GCSE (9 -1) will already be entered

    •  press Add New Class button

  4. The class will be added to the classes list. Click on the blue writing of the class name to select that class
  5. App sends you to e.g. Home / Classes / 8G page 
  6. Click on Edit Students button 
  7. App sends you to e.g.  Home / Classes / 8G / Students 

  8. You can add students to the class 
    1. from a spreadsheet add students from a spreadsheet
    2. one by one add an extra student (recommended only for adding just one or two students)
  9. Given a few moments the app will show the details of the students added 

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