sort Progress on Topic by "useful layer" or Name

What progress on topic is and how it can be used by the teacher

How to find Progress on Topic

First go to the class home page and then select the Progress on Topic button.

Choose the appropriate topic theme from the  Select Topic Theme chooser and the appropriate topic from the Select Topic chooser.

Only topics added to the class will be able to be chosen - see how to add a new topic to a class if the topic is not in the chooser.

Decide "useful layer" or Name?

Sorting the students by Name will mean the teacher can find all students information quickly.

However sorting the students by e.g. layer (3) will help the teacher see who does and who does not "already know" layer 3.

Sort by "useful layer"

Click the Chooser to the right of the Depth of Learning for layer button, the default is 1, but choose the layer you want. 

Click the Depth of Learning for layer button.

Sort by Name

Click the Name button to the left of the Depth of Learning for layer button.

To swap the order of either

Click on the "staircase" button to the left of the Name button.

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