assess assignment - timely practice and pre assess - summary card

timely practice

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at 80%

Summarybest learn laterfeedback"oops""good answer"

Teachers internal dialogue

"I wish I'd never set this"Depends on the extent of any help the student had in class.independent + accurate + viable method
Quality of written answer

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"small help"


"more help"


Perfect answer 


The learner can gain a tick on the answer line, even if they have had a lot of help.

Minor "oops" error 


Use this only once you know the learners learning well - if in doubt use "feedback"

Inaccurate or incomplete or missed out.

✳︎ or *

The teacher thinks there is hope the learner can learn this with the available teachers, without negatively impacting other learning.

Best learned later


"best learned later"
The teacher thinks that it will take too much lesson or teacher time to get the learner to be able to independently and accurately answer questions like this.

FYI "best learn later", the bin is only available when learning is fragile

pre assess

This  option

not allowed for

pre assessment

Summarybest learn laterv. minor "oops"good answer + viable method

More detail

Everything else, including e.g.

  • one out of a two part question answered correctly
  • correct method but fundamental numeracy error such as borrowing or carrying
  • too long winded method e.g. 7+7+7 ... a total of thirteen times

Very nearly correct e.g.

  • missed out one item from many in e.g. a tally chart, Venn etc
  • has "miscopied" a value but used a correct method
  • when asked "Is ... correct? Explain why" has explained fairly well but not written yes or no