topic theme

What a topic theme is and how it is represented and used within the app  - see the blue bar in Learning Resources for the 5 topic themes.

What is a topic theme?

A topic theme is a group of topics, currently they are

  • Number (includes FDPR which are simply asked e.g. Write down 50% of £240 and FDPR conversions e.g. Write 10% as a decimal)
  • Word and Proportion (includes 4 operation and mixed operation word problems and FDPR of embedded in word problems see (info) at the bottom of the page)
  • Algebra
  • Geometry and Measure
  • Probability and Statistics

A topic is a traditional maths topic such as expand or a less traditional one created to layer traditional skills such as FDPR as CALC or FDPR of CALC

A topic is made up of a number of "small bites" of learning called layers.

some sample non traditional topics

FDPR of CALC (3)how much enough CALC (4)
There are 150 parents at a sports day.
24% of the parents say they would like to do the wheelbarrow race.
Work out how many of the parents say they would like to do the wheelbarrow race.
Kate thinks that catching the ferry will be cheaper than driving across the toll bridge.
Kate could take the ferry which costs £3.40 for a return ticket.
She could also drive across the toll bridge.
The toll bridge would cost 70p for her morning journey and 50p for her evening journey.
The petrol she would use would cost £2.35
Is the return ferry cheaper than the cost of the tolls and the petrol?
You must show how you get your answer.

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