add a new topic to a class

Before you can set strands to students you need to add the topic to the class.


Steps to follow - in words

  1. Start on the class homepage heading is Home / Classes / class name or follow the instructions to go to the class home page
  2. If the class is new the class home page will look like this 
  3. Drag the topic name above the blue line but below the line saying Topics Started - into the box called Drag Topics to Here - the box will go yellow.
  4. Release the topic name, the topic name will be written in green.
  5. Repeat steps 3. and 4. until all the topics required are above the blue line.
  6. Click Progress On Topic button
  7. The heading will now be Home / Classes / class name / Progress on Topic
  8. Click on the Choose Topic chooser, the teacher can see the topic(s) above the blue line.
  9. The teacher can choose a topic from the Choose Topic chooser by clicking on the topic name.
  10. The Progress on Topic for the class is shown