set a layer as "taught"


When a learner has just learned how to do a layer within in a lesson the teacher should set the layer as "taught" within Progress on Topic.

This ensures the timely practice app knows that it should add this layer to the learners "learning pool" (all the layers that the learner is learning / has learned) in order that the layer is added to the timely practice assignments at (as close as possible to) optimal intervals to sure the learner embeds the learning in their memory.

How to do it

The teacher does "click pause click" on the appropriate lozenge

click, pause, click

The pause is to ensure that if the internet connection is slow or intermittent the layer is first changed to pre assess, so that the second click changes the layer to "teach" as intended

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set a layer as "taught"
to the whole classTo set layer 2 as "taught" to the whole class click on the black 2 lozenge, pause to wait for the student lozenges to all go dark grey and click the black lozenge a second time. 

to an individual studentTo set layer 3 tas "taught" to for an individual student click on the light grey 3 lozenge found below the student name, pause to wait for it to go dark grey and click the lozenge a second time.