create a timely practice assignment

Why? embedding learning is the primary purpose of the timely practice app. Learners regularly - at least 3 times per week - doing their personalised timely practice assignments, embed their learning more deeply and more quickly than their peers. See also create a pre assess assignment.

(See Why retrieval practice? for more information on this)


Steps to follow - in words

When the teacher asks the app to create a timely practice assignment, the app looks to see if each learner has layers that are ready - that is have been waiting long enough. (See (info) below on how layers are added in timely practice)

  1. Go to the class' home page - a short cut can be to click on the classname in the header Home / Classes / classname / ...
  2. Click the Create Assignments button from the class' home page.

  3. Sometimes the teacher will want to know how many layers are available to go into each learners timely practice assignment - the easiest time to find out is now - see the column Layers due now below the assignment options.
  4. Choose the correct assignment options (see priority if lateness (info) box at bottom of this page)

Create a Classwork Assignment

Create a Homework Assignment

Typetimely practice ClassworkTypetimely practice Homework
Assignment FormatLow stakes (regular)Assignment FormatLow stakes (regular)
Due Datedate of lessonDue Datedate homework due
Up to 15 timely practice questionsUp to 15 timely practice questions

The number 15 can be changed, but the default is set at 15 as this works well for most situations.

Download and print

Either download pdf assignments immediately after creating them or download pdf assignments later

Print out the assignments, which will be found in your downloads folder. Try to select a scale of 100% from your printer so the diagrams are printed to scale - most printers like to print at between 94% and 97%

How layers are added in timely practice

  • When the teacher assess a learner's pre assess assignment - if the learner is found to "know already" the layer(s) they are added 
  • When the teacher sets layers that they have taught in the lesson as "taught" set a layer to "taught"

See pre assess and teach: options to begin this process.

Priority of lateness

  • Classwork: fragile first - for when the teacher is available to help the learner.
  • Homework: fragile last - to ensure homework contains questions the learner is most likely to be able to do independently.

See priority of lateness for full details.