create a pre assess assignment

Why? a large slice of the potential learning gain from timely practice during the first year will be lost without the pre assess process.

(See Why pre assess before teaching? for more information on this)


a quick pre assess

this is often on a single topic

using a pre assess plan

The first pre assess assignment is not responsive

... all learners get set the same layers 

using a pre assess plan

later pre assess assignments are responsive to the learners

... we use an "if ... then ... else ..." 

Steps to follow - in words

  1. There are a number of documents with suggestions of which layers to pre assess - find from the pre assess and teach: options page.
    • These document guides the teacher on which layers to set to "pre assess".
    • The instructions below tell the teacher how to set the layer(s) to "pre assess"
      1. Go to the class' Progress on Topic page - the heading is Home / Classes / classname / Progress on Topic.
      2. Click on the Choose Topic Theme chooser and choose the correct one.
      3. Click on the Choose Topic chooser and click on the correct topic name (not there? see add a new topic to a class).
      4. The reminder to the teacher is the phrase click, may be pause
    • Repeat to set all the required layers to pre assess.
  2. Go to the class' home page - click on the classname in the header Home / Classes / classname / Progress on Topic
  3. Click the Create Assignments button from the class' home page.

  4. Sometimes the teacher will want to know how many layers will go into each students pre assess assignment - the easiest time to find out is now - see the column Layers waiting to pre assess below the assignment options.
  5. Choose the correct assignment options

    TypePre assess
    Assignment FormatLow stakes (regular)
    Due Datedate of lesson
    Up to 0 timely practice questions
  6. Click to tick the box to the left of the Name heading in the blue bar to select all students.
  7. Click the Create New Assignment button.

Download and print

Either download pdf assignments immediately after creating them or download pdf assignments later

Print out the assignments, which will be found in your downloads folder. Try to select a scale of 100% from your printer so the diagrams are printed to scale - most printers like to print at between 94% and 97%

Teachers and schools who have used timely for over a year may find they want to plan bespoke pre asses options.