3rd unit number (mainly integers)

episode 1: number x 10 etc

numberX10etcTL7.pdf and numberX10etc7w.pdf and numberX10etc7.pdf

episode 2: given x sign 

givenXsignTL2.pdf and givenXsign2.pdf

episode 3: given ÷ sign 

givenDIVsignTL2.pdf and givenDIVsign2.pdf

episode 4: sequence: arithmetic

sequenceArithmeticTL1.pdf and sequenceArithmetic1.pdf

sequenceArithmeticTL2.pdf and sequenceArithmetic2.pdf

sequenceArithmeticTL5.pdf and sequenceArithmetic5.pdf

Return in November to 

w/b 1st November 

only 1 teaching lesson this week

episode 5: multiple

multipleTL2.pdf and multiple2.pdf

multipleTL3.pdf and multiple3.pdf

w/b 8th November 

episode 6 : 10 bond

10bondTL5.pdf and 10bond5.pdf

episode 7: begin x facts 

beginXfactsTL5.pdf and beginXfacts5.pdf (learning the pattern of the multiples of 5s, so as to be able to count on in 5s so not as hard as knowing 5 times facts "cold" which is layer 7)

Here are flash cards, which may be a bit hard, if you want to use them (print d/s 2 per page ) beginXfactsF7.pdf

episode 8: given - sign

givenSUBsignTL3.pdf and givenSUBsign3.pdf

episode 9 : factor

factorTL1.pdf and factor1.pdf

episode 10 : fraction intro

fractionINTROtl5.pdf and fractionINTRO5.pdf

episode 11 : reteach V only

2DTL3.pdf and 2D3.pdf

w/b 15th November auto pre assess year 7 nurture + teach: integer

episode 12 : negative

negativeTL1.pdf and negative1.pdf

negativeTL4.pdf and negative4.pdf

episode 13 : base 10 skills

base10skillsTL2.pdf and base10skills2.pdf

episode 14 : base 10 add or place value

base10addTL7.pdf and base10add7.pdf

place100value9999TL2.pdf and place100value9999_2.pdf

episode 15 : given + sign / secret add sign 

givenADDsignTL4.pdf and givenADDsign4.pdf

givenADDsignTL12.pdf and givenADDsign12.pdf

episode 16: sequence multiples

sequenceMultipleTL3.pdf and sequenceMultiple3.pdf

sequenceMultipleTL4.pdf and sequenceMultiple4.pdf

sequenceMultipleTL7.pdf and sequenceMultiple7.pdf

no teach - just give the w/s and see if learners know to add secretADDsign10.pdf

episode 17: order FDP 

orderFDPtl1.pdf and orderFDP1.pdf

orderFDPtl2.pdf and orderFDP2.pdf

w/b 22nd November auto geometry and measure (LESLEY add this in a bit) + teach: integer → probability and statistics

episode 18: ratio

ratioTL1.pdf and ratio1.pdf

episode 19: number ÷ 10 

numberDIV10etcTL1.pdf and numberDIV10etc1.pdf

episode 20:  change units 

changeUnitsTL1_2_3.pdf and changeUnits1.pdf

and changeUnits2.pdf

episode 21:  simplify+/-

simplifySDTL1.pdf and simplifySD1.pdf

simplifySDTL2.pdf and simplifySD2.pdf

episode 22: given - sign 

givenSUBsignTL3.pdf and givenSUBsign3.pdf

(same type of Q as layer 3 but no scaffold) and givenSUBsign4.pdf

givenSUBsignTL5.pdf and givenSUBsign5.pdf

givenSUBsignTL7.pdf and givenSUBsign7.pdf

givenSUBsignTL9.pdf and givenSUBsign9.pdf

try givenSUBsign10.pdf and givenSUBsign12.pdf then teach one of 

extension episodes 

volumeTL3.pdf and volume3.pdf

episode 23: prime

primeTL1.pdf and prime1.pdf

4th unit probability and statistics