Progress on Topic

What progress on topic is and how it can be used by the teacher

How to find Progress on Topic

First go to the class home page and then select the Progress on Topic button.

Choose the appropriate topic theme from the  Select Topic Theme chooser and the appropriate topic from the Select Topic chooser.

Only topics added to the class will be able to be chosen - see how to add a new topic to a class if the topic is not in the chooser.

What is Progress on Topic?

Everything that students can learn within the app is split into topics such as perimeter and each of these is split up into layers

Progress on Topic is where the teacher can see how well the class is making progress within a topic.

The app collects lots of detailed data on when and how well a student answers each question. Most of this information is for the internal workings of the app.

The information shown within Progress on Topic is the information useful for the teacher. 

Each lozenge represents a students progress in each layer within the topic 

Generally the teacher is only interested in the colour of the layer

What the colour tells us

Light grey means the layer has not been assessed yet or that it has been assessed before as "not ready to learn yet".

Dark grey means the layer is in the process of being assessed. It will be assessed by the teacher when the student does a pre assess assignment 

Light blue means the layer is fragile learning - the layer is likely to be forgotten if not practised soon and the student may not be able to answer questions from the layer accurately yet. The layer will be practised within a timely practice assignment quite frequently. 

Medium blue means the layer is better embedded in the student's memory than fragile learning but not yet mastered or that the student is not sufficiently accurate at answering questions for the app to consider the layer mastered. The layer will be practised within a timely practice assignment less frequently than fragile learning but more frequently than mastered learning.

The deeper shade of blue means the layer is considered mastered. This means the teacher can rely on the layer when teaching harder layers to the student. The student will still practise questions from the layer but only infrequently.

What the number tell us 

Clicking the Display Repeat Interval button on the Progress on Topic page will show the depth of learning (in days) - this is a more accurate  indication of how deeply embedded the learning is within the students memory. The higher the number the more days the deeply embedded the memory. 

The teacher will plan their teaching using  the Progress on Topic in slightly different ways depending on whether the class is in the finding and firming learning foundations phase or the teaching on firm learning foundations phase.


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