algebra, geometry and measure unit

The learning of algebra and geometry and measure is slightly entwined, because we have not done sufficient pre assess in advance yet. So the topics taught first will be those that are quicker to pre assess. 

In every lesson it is more important for learners to have time to do their FAKE timely practice assignments than it is to teach 2 episodes. We will soon find out how many episodes is ideal. It may be that some learners should do one new learning episode and others learn 2. 

For the pre assess assignments (code has P in title), it is best not to give students any help - I know sometimes this is hard for them, but we are looking to find what they can already independently recall and accurately apply.

For the fake timely practice assignments (no P in the title) they can have help when they need it. (Now with more students you may need to ration their help e.g. everybody can have 3 helps per lesson).

Lesson 1

suggested lesson order:

  1. pre assess assignment
  2. teach episode 1
  3. more FAKE timely practice or more pre assess
  4. teach episode 2
  5. BEAMMS quiz (for new students and check with T)
  6. just in case 


(LT Q7-10) means this assignment was created (and probably printed last term) the student needs to finish questions 7 to 10 (or say that they can't do them)

pre assess

E3P.pdf (LT Q7-10)


M3P.pdf (LT)


FAKE t.p./more pre

E4.pdf (LT)

M3.pdf (LT)T6.pdf (LT Q13-16)


just in case

E5.pdf (LT)

E6.pdf (LT)

M4.pdf (LT)T1.pdfJICP1.pdf

episode 1

equipment - rulers and some nice sharp pencils and eraser





algebraGraphTL1.pdf (modelling draw in "mini gradient triangles" i.e. 1 square to right and 3 squares up OR 1 square to the right and 2 squares down)


only need to join points with line covers the grid (filling in extra values in the table is optional) focus on accuracy of drawing line (can also encourage mini gradient triangles)




harder (just in case)->


algebra graph

Lesson 2

  1. timely practice + next assignment (20 min)
  2. teach inequality1 (no one could do it when pre assessed) - see episode 2 below
  3. return to do more on assignments

episode 2







timely practice from lesson 1none - absentMIc5.pdfTionMik.pdf
next (pre assess for episode 3 and 5)E1P.pdf M1P.pdfT1P.pdfJICP1.pdf

E4.pdf (LT)

E3P.pdf (LT Q7-9)

M3.pdf (LT)

T6.pdf (LT Q13-17)


just in case

E5.pdf (LT)

E6.pdf (LT)

M4.pdf (LT)T1.pdfMik2P.pdf

episode 3

episode 4

episode 5 (faster students only)

episode 6

episode 7 (faster students only)

episode 8

episode 9 - re teach after the holiday so HT2 episode 1

enlargeTL1.pdfenlarge1.pdf + the answers: enlarge1A.pdf

HT 2 episode 2

whole class skill only (no personal practice yet)


HT2 episode 4

HT2 episode 5

reminder in warm up and givenXsignTL4.pdf if you need more Qgivenxsign4.pdf

HT 2 episode 6

HT2 bonus extension

volumeTL3.pdf and volume3.pdf

HT2 episode 7

HT 2 episode 8

HT 2 episode 9

HT2 episode 10 

translateANDvectorTL1.pdf and translateANDvector1.pdf

HT2 episode 11 

decimalFractionTL1.pdf and decimalFraction1.pdf

HT2 episode 12 

10bondTL2.pdf and 10bond2.pdf

solvingReadyTL1.pdf and solvingReady1.pdf

solvingReadyTL4.pdf and solvingReady4.pdf

HT2 episode 13 

correctTOnearestTL2.pdf and correctTOnearest2.pdf

correctTOnearestTL3.pdf and correctTOnearest3.pdf

HT2 episode 14 

fractionINTROtl3.pdf and fractionIntro3.pdf

and possible review of ...