Getting started

Rationale - the app must be easy to learn to use and it must be quick to begin teaching.

For now, no help nor feedback please (info)


There are 3 tabs

  • classes 
  • scheme of learning
  • planning and preparation

The scheme of learning is split up into 

  • topic themes e.g. algebra
    • topics within the topic themes e.g. solving ready 

The planning and preparation for each lesson has

  • Create (is working)
  • Plan (does nothing)
  • Download (is working)
  • Assess (is working)

How the beta version differs from the old version

We won't have pre assess assignments and timely practice assignments (all the questions will go into one assignment).

Soon, the teacher and learner can tell whether help/feedback is allowed by a logo (as we had the no calculator logo) - but for now its only pre assess, so no help or feedback.

The data structures are in place to do far more complicated and teacher-friendly things within the app, but at the moment our priority is getting something ready that works.