remote teaching option

This is advice for teachers whose classes

  • are new to timely practice + have finished the finding existing learning phase + have at least 3 weeks before the end of term
  • were already using timely practice before school closure + have no "layers due now" + have at least 3 weeks before the end of term


Please see limited topic trial - is on hold for most of 2021-22 for an alternative

Schedule A

when learners can

access and return their assignments to their teacher digitally

assesspractiseteachfeedbackcreateadd taught
day 1
timely practice

day 2day 1's 
teach new layerday 1'sday 3's 
day 3
timely practice

day 4day 3's 
revise new layerday 3'sday 5's add new layer 
day 5day 5's short timely practice
day 5's day 1's

Schedule B

when learners can only

access their assignment by post, the teacher can only assess by telephone call

This is far from ideal, so

  • avoid teaching new learning which involves diagrams 
  • choose new learning which only adds a little more to a layer the learner already has mastered

We suggest one week will focus more on new teaching and the second week more on timely practice

practiseteach-learncreate assignment & post add taught?
day 1timely practice

on day 3 or 4 create and post

  • day 9's
  • day 10's
  • day 11's
  • revise 3 A + B
  • revise 4 A + B

day 2
teach new layer A + B
day 3
revise 1 new layer A + B
day 4timely practice

day 5
revise 2 new layer A + Badd A + B as taught 
day 8
revise 3 new layer A + B

on day 10 or 11 create and post

  • day 1's
  • day 4's
  • teach C + D
  • revise 1 C + D
  • revise 2 C + D

day 9timely practice 

day 10timely practice

day 11timely practice

day 12
revise 4 new layer A + B

Assessment and feedback done by phone, perhaps with 5 learners per day