learning resources

An overview of the 6 topic themes can be found by clicking e.g. the name of the topic theme in the blue bar

For more detail on each topic click on the topic name in the rectangles below.


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Common abbreviations

FDPR = fraction, decimal, percentage, ratio

MMMRQ = mean, median, mode, range, quartiles

NC = no calculator questions

YC = calculator encouraged

Types of learning resource

There are 3 types of learning resource specific to each layer (deliberately small "bite") of learning 

  • teach-learn - example question(s) or mp4 videos for the teacher to teach the learner (many still to load, use teacher sample in the mean time)
  • practise-learn -  a worksheet of practice questions (with fold over / rip off answers) for the learner to practise what they have just learned.
  • timely practice - these are only accessible from the timely practice app. The app schedules a review question for the student periodically. The frequency of the review is decided by the depth of learning (which is measured in days) and is adjusted by the timely practice app to ensure students retain their learning and improve their accuracy.

There are 2 types of planning resources putting each topic in context for the teacher

  • topic sample: which shows a typical question for each layer within the topic (found below the heading on each topic page)
  • overview by topic theme: short descriptions of each layer of each topic