training - layer 3

Unlike pre assess, where the teacher must decide what layers to pre assess, the the app decides which layers should be practised. The timely practice app tries to ensure that all layers are practised before they are forgotten (to avoid wasting teaching and learning time) - this is the primary purpose of timely practice. 

How to create a timely practice assignment

The  mp4s (in the link above) shows how to do this. 

Creating and setting a timely practice assignment every lesson and assessing it after it is completed after every lesson is ideal, but three times per week is fine. 

Creating more timely practice assignments when existing assignments have not been attempted or assessed is not advised - a system to avoid this is advisable. Using a lesson pro forma is one way to ensure this doesn't happen.

How to assess a timely practice assignment

The mp4 in the link above shows how to do this.

... and now your turn

Harry Helpmenow's assignmentHarry's teacher's assessment pageCorrect assessment for Harry

If teachers follow the guidance given during training then all the layers learning of each learner become ever more deeply embedded in the learners' memory - and there is sufficient time for both timely practice and more new learning in lessons - this is the intended purpose of timely practice. 

teaching "too hard" or "too much" and forgetting ignored

With business as usual teaching if teachers teach "too hard" or "too much" or teachers don't require and/or learners don't review their learning then learning is lost to forgetting - this is undesirable and a waste of the teachers and learners effort - but at least in the short term - both the teacher and the learners are unaware of the loss.

teaching "too hard" or "too much" and forgetting forbidden

However if teachers teach "too hard" or "too much" or teachers don't set and/or learners don't attempt their timely practice assignments sufficiently frequently then cascade failure can occur. The teacher and the learner are much more aware of the forgetting ... either the teacher should make changes to ensure that timely practice can work or the teacher should stop using timely practice.