pre assess: why?

pre assess before teaching

Pre assess ensures we can teach at the sweet spot - neither too easy, nor too hard - that is we can teaching "something new" on "firm learning foundations".

Once learners have finished the finding and firming learning foundations phase and moved on to the teaching on firm learning foundations phase there is no need to do further pre assess.

The sooner the teacher pre assesses ahead of teaching the more accurate (info) ...

accurate pre assess

A trial and improvement pre assess plan is more efficient at collecting accurate data and less stressful for the learners than a pre assess everything approach.

We've found one question asked and answered to give a false positive between 10% to 60% of the time (depending on the learner). So learner should be asked 2, ideally 3 questions on suitable layers from a topic before the teacher teaches the topic. 

... and the more useful the data is. (info)

using pre assess data improves attainment

When the teacher uses pre assess data to plan their teaching they will find 

  • the easier and more effective the teaching and learning in the lesson will be,
  • and the more speedily and easily the learning of the lesson will become firm foundations for future learning.