Research: ours

(smile) the good news

Our research is showing that timely practice does significantly increase the attainment of low attaining learners.

  • The 3 year trial involves classes from 2 consecutive years, each over the 2 year period of their GCSE course.
  • Learners from the lowest attaining set close the learning gap, and in many cases over take their peers in the set above within a year.
  • Lesley Goddard is in the last stages of gaining her EdWard. Here is her research proposal which has been accepted and a 2 page summary
Research ProposalSummary


(sad) not so good news

A valid criticism of our research is the small sample size. 

(wink) help us collect more data

We still offering free trials in the academic year 2022-23 in exchange for comparative data for the following categories:-

  • a one year trial comparing retained learning gain with business as usual lessons (1/2 the current SOL) and timely practice (used for the other 1/2 of the SOL)
    • assessing current learning in the topics to be taught,
    • teaching some units using the school's existing teaching and assessment regimen,
    • teaching other units as advised by timely practice, and using timely practice to schedule regular retrieval practice,
    • assessing the retained learning at least 6 weeks after the last teaching/school's regular assessment of the units of the trial, to calculate the retained learning gain
  • a GCSE retake trial - comparing grade grain with past cohorts and current cohort