This is the place to find click by click instructions to use the app.

Please make sure you have read Using timely practice effectively

The document Maths lessons trial (experienced timely practice teachers only) LESLEY update will lead the teacher through the process of finding and firming learning foundations which may take between a few days to a term (the more the learners know the longer it takes). Once this process is done the teacher moves on to teaching on firm learning foundations.

A summary for the assess-plan/resource-teach skills is shown below

  1. Assess timely practice assignments
  2. Assess pre assess assignments
  3. Review Progress on Topic
  1. Plan teaching using Progress on Topic
  2. Create a timely practice assignment
  3. Sometimes create a pre assess assignment
Teach a timely practice lesson

All of the how to ... are summarised below

Refresh your memory of the "click by click" skills on the following:-

Setting up

get a timely practice account
log in
add learners to a class
Adding topics and layers

A new class starts with no topics, topics can be added to a class, as and when the teacher is ready.

When a topic is added to a class, no learner has any "layers learning".

There are two ways to add layers pre assess and teach 

The layers can be set to the whole class or a single learner.


The teacher creating, the learners doing and the teacher assessing personalised assignments is the way that the timely practice app interacts with the real world. There are 2 main types of assignment pre assess and timely practice. There are two types of timely practice assignment Classwork and Homework.

purpose of each type of assignment
create assignment

The teacher will create the assignments to suit their lessons. There are two types of assignment

and 3 print profiles that any assignment can have 

download and print assignments

The downloading and printing out of an assignment is slightly different depending on whether the teacher wants to

assess assignments

The assessment of the two types of assignments are slightly different, since they fulfil different roles

Tracking progress

There are two ways to see learner progress