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it tells the teacher how well learners have learned something and so teachers can then act,

if need be, to improve that learning or to teach harder learning.

SRS Learning says


  • pre assessment assignments where the learner and teacher are deciding "Can the learner do … already?" - that is has some worked been learned. If it has been learned well i.e. the learner gets ✔︎ every time - the work will be fast tracked through the learner's timely practice assignments so the teacher can ensure the learner does really "already know" and so that the learner won't forget (if it turns out the learner had a "lucky" question, but doesn't know how to do most questions we can decide the bite of learning is best learned later - LESLEY update)
  • timely practice assignments, which consists entirely of work the learner has learned before and will continue to practise in order not to forget and/or to improve the learner's accuracy. learnerLearner's know that "the timely practice app thinks I know this" and are prepared to spend a little more time, dig a little deeper into their memories to answer the questions.