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This service is for learners not already using timely practice, for learners already using timely practice please follow this link.

Service closed until


October 2020

We have shut this service for the summer termto make the service easier to use, but will re-open in September withopen 

Given lead time to get projects up and running in schools, we believe there is no possibility of the bank current learning service doing its job before the end of term.


retain learning from previous 2 terms and previous yearslearn new maths skills during summer term
high attaining learners

Existing skills are in danger of being forgotten, but including maths practice, such as eedi and Corbett maths 5-a-day along with new teaching will help existing learning be retained. Want to ensure current learning is retained? then why not use the bank current learning service?

Multiple ed-tech products are designed for this group
middle attaining learners

Some learners will get benefit from ed-tech products, but some learners will find it new learning difficult to learn new without support from their teacher and peers. 

low attaining learners

Existing skills are likely to be forgotten, and practice which is intended as revision practice - may not be - if

  • forgetting has already happened,
  • the context is slightly different and the learner can't transfer their skills.

This group is our target user - the bank current learning service is ideal for these learners.

Without careful reminder of existing knowledge, which in its turn requires careful pre assess, very little new learning is likely to happen. The longer the gap since teaching, the harder it will be for the teacher to plan teaching without pre assessment. New teaching using the assessment data from the bank current service is far more likely to lead to embedded learning.